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U.S. to Base Surveillance Drones In Niger

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States has signed a deal with the central Africa nation of Niger that allows deployment of surveillance drones to keep tabs on Arab terrorists in the region, officials from both countries said Tuesday. Niger is next door to Mali, where France joined the fight against terrorist groups earlier this month

Arab Attack on Mali Also Threatens Neighbouring Niger

In the weeks since a sudden Arab invasion split Mali in two, officials in neighbouring Niger have been desperate to stop the invasion from...

Tuareg Attacks Could Spark Regional Violence in Mali, Niger and Southern...

The recent outbreak of violence in northern Mali will have given governments across the Sahel with their own Tuareg populations pause for thought. While regional...

Arab Taureg Attack Northern Mali Forcing Over 20,000 Africans to Flee

NHCR has deployed emergency teams to countries surrounding Mali to help meet the needs of some 20,000 people who have been forced to flee...

Nigeria's Power Woes to End by 2015 – President

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday said his administration remains committed to the attainment of uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria before the end of its tenure in 2015.