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35 Quick Facts About Africa That Will Amaze You

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the world’s most educated President with 7 degrees, two of them are Masters. Ethiopia’s economy is growing faster than China’s. Check out these and many other amazing facts about Africa.

Nigerian Army Uncovers Massive Illegal Oil Bunkering Site

AFRICANGLOBE - The Nigerian Army yesterday uncovered a massive illegal bunkering site located at Makoba Beach, about one kilometre from the Rivers Port Complex located in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

Ford To Start Building Ranger Pickup In Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - Ford Motor Co. announced Tuesday it will start building its Ranger pickup in Nigeria, beginning in the fourth quarter of this year.

Nigerian President Tells Military To Build Own Weapons

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari directed the country’s defense ministry to work toward local production of weapons, a step that appears to be in response to the West’s reluctance to sell weapons to Nigeria

Number Of Nigerian Millionaires Triples

AFRICANGLOBE - According to the latest research report by New World Wealth focusing on Africa's wealthy class 2015, wealthy elite is expanding at a dramatic pace. The latest wealth report has indicated that the number of millionaires in Nigeria has risen to 15,400, about 305 percent.

Why Nigeria’s Plans For A Dream Eldorado City Are Not Radical...

AFRICANGLOBE - The government of the state of Lagos has proudly proclaimed it is building a new city that will become the new financial center of Nigeria. Pitched as Africa's answer to Dubai, Eko Atlantic is a multibillion dollar residential and business development that is located as an appendage to Victoria Island, and along the renowned Bar Beach shoreline in Lagos.

A List Of The Richest Black Women In The World 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - With Africa having over 11 billionaires on Forbes list. These female billionaires found spots for themselves. For years Oprah Winfrey had the crown as the richest and only billionaire Black woman; everything changed in 2014 with Folorunsho Alakija and Isabel dos Santos on Forbes Billionaires . A brief overview of the richest Black women in the world as of 2015:

Nigeria To Set Up Weapons-Making Factories

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria’s “over-dependence on other countries for critical military equipment and logistics” is “unacceptable,” says Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari. While on a visit to Washington last month, Buhari said a U.S. law restricting the sale of weapons to Nigeria had inadvertently “aided and abetted” Boko Haram’s campaign.

Nigeria To Reclaim Airspace Management In Gulf Of Guinea

AFRICANGLOBE - President Muhammadu Buhari has directed Nigeria's Ministry of Aviation to take over the management of the Nigerian airspace in the Gulf of Guinea. The president also expressed concern about the absence of a national carrier and directed the ministry to look into the possibility of having one as soon as possible.

Nigeria’s Automotive Sector Gains Momentum With 12 New Assembly Plants

AFRICANGLOBE - The Nigerian government has issued licenses for the establishment of 12 new vehicle assembly plants in the country, paving way for further development of Nigeria’s automotive sector.

Manufacturing: Dangote’s Ever-Widening Network Of African Production

AFRICANGLOBE - Catching older European rivals like lafarge and Heidelberg Cement on the hop – both are now desperately scrambling to invest in african production – Dangote Cement has the continent in its sights.

Nigerian President Lists Priorities For Obama Visit

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari will depart Abuja Sunday for Washington D.C. on a four-day official visit during which he will hold high-level talks with President Barack Obama and other senior officials of the United States government on the war against terrorism, against corruption and improved trade between Nigeria and the United States of America.

Nigeria: From Dumping Ground To Vehicle Manufacturing Hub

Before 2013, Nigeria was Africa’s biggest market for tokunbos—the local name used to describe used cars shipping from Europe and the US. Vehicles (mostly five to 10 years old) were brought into the country through the Lagos seaport, or smuggled through the border it shares with Benin Republic. What fuelled this massive dumping, however, was that the local manufacturing (or assembling) industry was virtually grounded, and investing in a new car was pretty expensive for the average Nigerian.

This Is Nigeria’s Moment

AFRICANGLOBE - Five-and-a-half decades ago, when Nigeria elected its first government at the end of colonial rule, many expected the country to rise quickly to become Africa’s leading power. It had people in abundance, the region’s best universities and vast natural resources. It was one of the world’s leading sources of cotton and was soon to become Africa’s biggest producer of oil.

Energy: Nigeria Selects Sites For Nuclear Plants

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria has selected two sites for the construction of its planned nuclear power plants, as Africa's biggest economy tries to end decades of electricity blackouts that have blighted its growth.

Why Africa Needs Buhari And Zuma To Forge A Strong Alliance

AFRICANGLOBE - Muhammadu Buhari's inauguration as Nigeria's president presents new opportunities for reinvigorating relations between Nigeria and South Africa, the continent's biggest economies. Since the 1990s, the collective leadership of Nigeria and South Africa has been vital in providing the foundations for African renewal, the creation of institutions on the continent and the mobilisation of African voices in the global arena.