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Nigerian President Names Banker As Chief Of Staff

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari made former United Bank for Africa chief Alhaji Abba Kyari his new chief of staff Thursday, as part of his first senior government appointments since taking office.

Nigerian President Tells Military To Build Own Weapons

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari directed the country’s defense ministry to work toward local production of weapons, a step that appears to be in response to the West’s reluctance to sell weapons to Nigeria

Nigerian President Lists Priorities For Obama Visit

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari will depart Abuja Sunday for Washington D.C. on a four-day official visit during which he will hold high-level talks with President Barack Obama and other senior officials of the United States government on the war against terrorism, against corruption and improved trade between Nigeria and the United States of America.

Africa Needs More Men Like Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - “I used to hate Mugabe with passion for making Zimbabweans come in millions to our country South Africa, but now, my eyes have been opened. I now see, know why the Zimbabwean economy was deliberately plunged by West as they sabotaged it in order to instil fear in other African nations wishing to take the Zimbabwean route – taking away land and other mineral resources stolen by whites,” Tshabalala said.

Moroccan King Insults Nigerian President And Nigerians

AFRICANGLOBE - Moroccan King Mohamed VI has refused to accept a phone call from Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan. In a Friday statement, Morocco's Foreign Ministry said King Mohamed "found it inappropriate to accept [the call] as it is linked to an important...

Nigerian Military Takes the Fight to Boko Haram Terrorists

AFRICANGLOBE - "These miscreants underestimated the capabilities of the Nigerian Armed Forces. What they are seeing now and running into their hideouts is just deployments and movement. Wait until we begin continuous bombardments, then they will realize that democracy doesn't mean you take the country for a ride".

Nigeria and South Africa Cement Political and Economic Ties

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan and South Africa's President Jacob Zuma have met in a move to strengthen relations between Africa's two economic giants.

Nigeria Attracted $42.6bn Investments In 9 Months

Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan has disclosed  that Nigeria’s economy attracted investments worth 6.8 trillion naira ($42.6 billion) in nine months, with Gross Domestic Product...

Parliament Threatens to Impeach Nigerian President

Goodluck Jonathan is blamed for poor execution of the budget, midway into the financial year. The ongoing face-off between the Nigerian Presidency and House of...

Row Over Nigerian President’s Birth Control Plan

Religious leaders, human rights activists and opposition politicians yesterday faulted Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's plan to introduce a birth control law, saying it was...

Nigerian President Optimistic in State of the Nation Address

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan believes the West African country has "made appreciable progress in the last one year" under his stewardship. In his review of...

Nigerian President Targets 3.5 Million Agricultural Jobs

Nigeria's Agricultural Transformation Action Plan (ATAP) of the Federal Government will create 3.5 million jobs and add 20 million tonnes of food to the...