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Soldiers Discover Mass Grave In Nigeria After Seizing Town From Boko...

AFRICANGLOBE - More than 70 bodies have been found in the Nigerian town of Damasak, indicating a mass execution by the Muslim terrorist of Boko Haram. Chadian and Nigerian soldiers had earlier wrested the town out of the Islamists' control.

Nigerian Court Sentences 54 ‘Mutinous’ Soldiers To Death

AFRICANGLOBE - At least 54 Nigerian soldiers have been sentenced to death after being found guilty of attempted mutiny, an offence that attracts the death penalty in the military.

Nigeria Vigilantes Kill 75 Terrorists, Retake Town

AFRICANGLOBE - More than 75 Boko Haram terrorists have reportedly been killed in a showdown with local vigilantes and hunters who managed to recapture the town of Maiha in Nigeria's northeastern Adamawa State and who are now advancing on nearby Mubi.

Nigerian Military Sentences Twelve Soldiers To Death

AFRICANGLOBE - Tuesday's death sentence passed on 12 soldiers by the Nigerian Army court martial after their conviction for mutiny and attempted murder was not only a “special gift to Boko Haram” but also “the surest means of demolising the rank and file of the Nigerian soldiers,”

Nigerian Soldiers Demand ‘Better Weapons’

AFRICANGLOBE - Dozens of Nigerian soldiers have refused to deploy for an offensive against Boko Haram terrorists until they receive better weapons, several of the mutineers said yesterday. The troops said they had been ordered to move out of their barracks in the north-eastern city of Maiduguri towards the Gwoza, where the terrorists have reportedly seized pockets of territory.