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Sudan Breaks Ranks With Egypt Over Boycott Of The Nile Treaty

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudan has broken ranks with Egypt in their joint opposition to a new agreement with Nile Basin countries for sharing of the Nile waters. Tanzania has also changed its mind about the new Nile Treaty and is now calling for further dialogue among all riparian countries to accommodate the concerns raised by Egypt.

War And Water: Hydropolitics Propel Balkanization In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The Nile Basin is seeing record fragmentation of nation-states by secessionist and other rebel movements, some backed by the United States and its Western allies and others backed by Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Yet other secessionist groups are backed by regional rivals such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda, and Sudan.

‘Secret Talks’ On Nile Waters Spark Debate

AFRICANGLOBE - Some Nile Basin countries are concerned that they have been kept in the dark on the tripartite negotiations involving Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over the use of the Nile waters. The talks were prompted by the decision by Ethiopia to construct the Grand Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile, but concerned countries say they are being conducted behind the scenes.

Egypt Ready for Talks On Nile Water Sharing

The Egyptian ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Magdy Hefny, said yesterday in Dar es Salaam that trading blame on the use of the river's water would not solve the problem.