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Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam Is Mine!

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia has a proud history and is a very proud nation. It has successfully safeguarded its independence and sovereignty for thousands of years with the blood and bones of its forefathers and foremothers in spite of numerous challenges and ups and downs. It has never bowed to any external invader and no foreign force has ever conquered and occupied its land. It has repeatedly and successfully repelled all foreign aggressions and the battles of Adwa, Gundet , Gura, ets. are testimonial to its proud history. As our late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi recently stated, “nobody who has tried to invade Ethiopia has lived to tell the story”.

Ethiopia’s Nile Dam To Start Power Generation Soon

AFRICANGLOBE - The construction of the over four billion dollar Hydro power plant known as Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam being built along Nile river is in full swing. The Nile dam project covers an area of 1,800 sq km totally turning Guba and other localities at the region in to a huge power plant construction site.

Egypt Claims It Has A New ‘Vision’ For Ethiopia’s Nile Dam

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's Irrigation Minister Hossam El-Moghazi told privately owned Mehwar channel that Egypt has a new "vision" regarding Ethiopia's planned Grand Renaissance Dam ahead of another round of talks in the Sudanese capital.

Ethiopia’s Massive Nile Dam Could Ease Africa’s Power Failures

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia's massive Nile dam echoes the Hoover Dam in scale and scope, offering the hope of a brighter economic future in Ethiopia and the Nile region. Ethiopia's big Nile dam – called the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – will cost $4.2 billion and be able to produce 6,000 megawatts of electricity.

International Panel Presents Final Report On Ethiopia’s Nile Dam

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia's Ministry of Water and Energy disclosed on Saturday that the International Panel of Experts which has been investigating the efficacy of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has presented its final report to the governments of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

France’s Alstom to Supply Hydroelectric Equipment For the Ethiopia’s Nile Dam

AFRICANGLOBE- France's Alstom has signed a 250 million euro ($325 million) deal with Ethiopia for turbines and generators for what will become Africa's largest dam, being built along the Nile River, the firm said on Monday. The Horn of Africa country is building an array of hydro electric projects and has plans to invest more than $12 billion in harnessing the rivers that run through its highlands to generate more than 40,000 MW of power by 2035.

Ethiopia’s Nile Dam – A Mega-Dam With Potentially Mega-Consequences – An...

AFRICANGLOBE - Without greater oversight, Ethiopia's secretive new Nile dam could have disastrous environmental, social and political impacts. While Egypt was undergoing dramatic political changes...

Nile Dam: Water Wars Averted for Now

When Ethiopia’s plan to dam the Blue Nile grew grander within a month of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, it did not go...