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‘Madonna Turns Malawi Adopted Kids Into Slaves’

AFRICANGLOBE - David Banda and Chifundo Mercy James have once again become social media sensations but this time not for the dance moves to their foster mother's songs but in what some commentators have said it is their turning down into slaves for the pop icon.

Burkina Faso: European Gold Smugglers Arrested

AFRICANGLOBE - Burkina Faso has arrested two Europeans for trying to smuggle 77 kilograms of gold worth millions of dollars out of the country, the country's new mines ministry said on Tuesday.

Tanzania: Pakistanis, Iranians Held In Huge Heroin Haul

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzanian anti-narcotics police have arrested eight Iranians and four Pakistanis found with 200 kilogrammes (440 pounds) of heroin off the east African nation's coast, a spokesman said Wednesday. The haul, which in Europe would have a street value of up to 10 million euros, is the latest in a string of major seizures of the narcotic – which is mostly produced in Afghanistan – off of Tanzania amid fears that east Africa could be emerging as a key narcotics transit point.

Non-Africans Are More Neanderthal Than You May Think – New Study

AFRICANGLOBE - Two recent studies have shown that non-Africans have a significant number of Neanderthal genes lurking in their DNA, influencing their skin and hair, their response to certain diseases and even their smoking behaviour.

All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm

AFRICANGLOBE - If your heritage is non-African, you are part Neanderthal, according to a new study in the July issue of Molecular Biology and Evolution. Discovery News has been reporting on human/Neanderthal interbreeding for some time now, so this latest research confirms earlier findings.

Foreign Interests Seek Control Over African Seed Reserves

AFRICANGLOBE - A broad front of commercial interests, aided and abetted by the World Bank, the American Seed Association and government agencies, along with front groups, academics and so-called philanthropists, are threatening Africa's longterm food security