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ISIS Wants To Conquer Africa In Its Quest For World Domination...

AFRICANGLOBE - This chilling map reveals the calculated way ISIS plan to take over the world by 2020. The terrorist group aim to control the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe within the next five years, the new map shows.

Africa’s Most Visited Countries

AFRICANGLOBE - According to the WTO, there were 55.7 million international tourists’ arrivals to Africa in the past year. Needless to say, Africa has really enjoyed a massive boost in the tourism industry. Let’s take a quick look at the countries that pulled in the most numbers.

Growing African Armoured Vehicles Market Worth $1.2 Billion By 2024

AFRICANGLOBE - The demand for armoured and counter-IED vehicles in Africa is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2024 as the market shifts to North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, according to a new report.

How North Africa’s Geopolitics Have Changed Since The Arab Spring

AFRICANGLOBE - Three years have elapsed since a Tunisian fruit vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, triggered the biggest social and political upheaval of modern times in the Arab world by setting himself on fire. This turmoil, which would afterwards be called the “Arab Spring,” brought many promises to the people of the region. However, if it did help score some progress with regard to freedom of speech, it failed to deliver on peace, stability, and most of all on democracy.

Africa Can Maintain 6% Economic Growth

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa can meet growth expectations of more than 6 percent this year, despite a slowdown in China, but the outlook for North Africa is more uncertain, the president of the African Development Bank said on Friday. The bank forecasts growth of 5.3 percent across Africa this year and 6.2 percent for equatorial Africa.

Which African Countries Have the Most Millionaires?

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite the continent’s strong economic growth over the past decade, the majority of Africans still struggle to make ends meet. That is not to say however, that Africa lacks wealthy people. UK-based New World Wealth recently released a report that ranks African countries according to their number of millionaires.

Hannibal Barca Of Carthage History’s Greatest General

AFRICANGLOBE - In 247 B.C., the year Hannibal Barca was born, the Carthage empire was about 500 years old. Known as one of the greatest strategist in military history, the battles of Hannibal would strike a turning point in the history of the continent that would be called Africa.

Running Battles Over Fundamental Rights in North Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Liberals, theocrats and soldiers in Egypt and Tunisia are fighting running battles over the powers and privileges they can enshrine in their founding political texts.

Africa’s Airline Boom

Africa will need 900 new airliners by 2031 as the continent’s aviation market is poised to mount, driven by the continent’s robust growth. Vice president...

Foreign Investment In Africa Up 5%

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in South Africa dropped by 43.6 percent during the first six months of 2012, a UN report shows, due to...

Africa Tourism Hinges Future Growth On Diversity

Tourism in Africa is now on the recovery process from the world economic recession and financial crisis of 2008 and 2010. However, tourism arrivals...

Africa’s Top Ten Companies

Predictably, South Africa dominates the list of Africa's top ten companies by market cap, filling the top nine positions. Last year was tough for...

What Exactly Does Sub-Saharan Africa Mean?

AFRICANGLOBE - It appears increasingly fashionable in the West for a number of broadcasters, websites, news agencies, newspapers and magazines, the United Nations/allied agencies and some governments, writers and academics to use the term ‘sub-Saharan Africa’ to refer to all of Africa except the five predominantly Arab states of north Africa.