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Thug Cop Viciously Body Slams Teen Girl At Rolesville High School

AFRICANGLOBE - A Rolesville police officer has been placed on administrative leave after a video showing him slamming a tiny female student to the floor gained national attention Tuesday. The nine-second video posted on Twitter on Tuesday shows Officer Ruben De Los Santos lifting the student into the air and dropping her to the floor before leading her away from a crowd of students at Rolesville High School.

Protecting Killer Cops: NC Gov. Sign Bill To Keep Police Body...

AFRICANGLOBE - As expected, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed into law a body-camera legislation that essentially defeats the purpose of having body cameras in the first place. Everybody is sick of police officers murdering Black people and using excessive force and not being held accountable. Body cameras are a way to hold police accountable. A bunch of local governments started ordering body cameras and devising sensible policies for how and when body camera footage should be released to the general public. Then a bill surfaced this session that gives near-complete authority over the release of those videos to the police department—the very people body cameras are meant to hold accountable.

Arsonist Target Black Church In Charlotte, North Carolina

AFRICANGLOBE - A predominately Black church in North Carolina was intentionally set ablaze, authorities said. Charlotte fire officials are looking into whether Wednesday morning's arson at Briar Creek Baptist Church was a hate crime.

Angry, Armed And White: The Typical Profile Of America’s Most Violent...

AFRICANGLOBE - We can safely say that Craig Stephen Hicks fits the profile of the most common type of domestic violent extremist—a white man with grievances and guns.

NAACP Calls On Feds To Investigate Mysterious Death Of Black Teen

AFRICANGLOBE - A coalition of church leaders, lawyers and activists in North Carolina have called on federal authorities to aid in the investigation into the mysterious death of Lennon Lacy, an African American teenager found hanging in August from a child’s swing set in the middle of a largely White trailer park.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Now Behind Bars

AFRICANGLOBE - Former U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. began his first day of a 30-month sentence in a North Carolina federal prison on Tuesday, a day after he had attempted to report early and was turned away.

‘Moral Monday’ in North Carolina Shows the Way for Others to...

AFRICANGLOBE - North Carolina — once poster child for the New South — now displays the nightmares spawned by the Tea Party right no longer restrained by the Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court’s conservative gang of five disemboweled it in the Shelby case.

Employee Fired From Her Job for Having Bastard Baby

AFRICANGLOBE - Venita Short, a daycare worker in Fayetteville, North Carolina was fired from her job allegedly for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Black Ministers v. GOP: 17 Arrests as NAACP Protests Extreme Right-wing...

AFRICANGLOBE - They are pursuing a cruel, unusual and unconstitutional agenda reminiscent of the Old South said Rev. Barber. What happens in North Carolina does not stay in North Carolina. It has national implications. North Carolina is ground zero in a national struggle to defend democracy for all.

Wrongly Convicted Civil Rights-Era Group Wilmington Ten Pardoned

AFRICANGLOBE- Outgoing North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue issued pardons Monday to the Wilmington Ten, a group wrongly convicted 40 years ago in a notorious Civil Rights-era prosecution that led to accusations that the state was holding political prisoners.

Black Defendants, White Jury

AFRICANGLOBE- It was a high profile criminal trial - that resulted in a hung jury. Chadbourn Town Manager Stevie Cox was on trial last month...

African Americans Vote Early in Battleground State

The U.S. presidential election is approaching, and excitement is building in key states where voters could determine the outcome if the race is close....

Mitt Romney and the Politics of Privilege And Prejudice

This week, at the Democratic National Convention, in North Carolina, Democrats made their case for why America should reelect President Obama. And as the election...

America’s First Black President Can’T Help Blacks Stem Wealth Drop

The nation’s first African-American president hasn’t done much for African-Americans. Richard Brown, 40, a U.S. Army veteran and college graduate, lost his job as a...

Sikh Temple Killer’s Army Base Loaded White Supremacists

When Wisconsin temple gunman Wade Michael Page arrived at Fort Bragg in 1995, the sprawling Army base in North Carolina already was home to...

North Carolina Denies Compensation to Black Women Illegally Sterilized

The North Carolina Senate rejected a plan to compensate victims of a mass sterilization plan that targeted mostly poor minorities for decades in the...