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Darfur: ‘They Raped Us All Night. I’m Still Sick’

AFRICANGLOBE - It is around sunset, normally a quiet time in Tabit, a market village in North Darfur that hosts around 7,000 people. A young woman in her twenties, Mahassan, is preparing perfumes for a wedding together with three friends. Suddenly, ten soldiers enter the compound. They start dragging the women outside into the street. Each of them is raped multiple times.

Khartoum Behind Fresh Wave of Violence Over Gold in Darfur –...

AFRICANGLOBE - A new report argues that the Sudanese government's struggle for control of Darfur's gold resources, rather than inter-tribal conflicts is behind the recent surge in violence in the war-torn western region.

Govt Forces Need to Stop Attacking Civilians in Darfur – Amnesty...

AFRICANGLOBE - Elements of government forces, along with armed Arab militias, are carrying out multiple large-scale attacks against African civilians in North Darfur in what represents the worst instance of violence in recent years, Amnesty International says in a briefing today.

Militia Assaults Continue in North Darfur Town, Two Dead

AFRICANGLOBE - The town of Kabkabiya in North Darfur has witnessed frequent assaults by pro-government Arab militias known as Janjaweed in the past week.

Rebels Ambush Sudanese Military Convoy in North Darfur

Two Darfur rebel groups said they destroyed a Sudanese military convoy after an ambush held on Friday in the road linking the capitals of...

10 Killed as Arab Militia and Govt Soldiers Attack North Darfur

Ten people were killed on Friday during an attack by Arab militiamen in Sigili village located 40 kilometers southeast of the capital of North...

Darfur Crisis Worsening Says United Nations

Ending violence in the western Sudanese region of Darfur requires the Sudanese government and a rebel group that signed a peace plan last year...

Government Militia Commits Massacre in North Darfur

A heavily-armed militia group linked to the Sudanese government has attacked and killed 87 people, including children and women, over the last three days...

Darfur Rebels Kill Dozens of Sudanese Troops

Adam Saleh Abkar, spokesman of SLM-Minnawi announced that joint rebel troops killed and injured dozens of Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) soldiers and pro-government militias...

State of Emergency Declared in Darfur Refugee Camp

International humanitarian organizations and the head of the Kassab IDP camp in Darfur, Eltaher Ismail, held a meeting yesterday in Kutum town, North Darfur....

AU-UN Mission Deeply Concerned Over Violence in North Darfur

The United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur today voiced its deep concern over recent violence and attacks on civilians in and around the...