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Sudan’s Oil Dispute And Regional Economic Complex

AFRICANGLOBE - Recent events in East Africa including economic concessions that brought together Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Sudan have reflected negatively to two neighbors, Uganda and Sudan. While Uganda was aggrieved by the rail, oil pipeline, and refinery deal between Nairobi and Juba, diplomacy might have downplayed emotions showcased by president Museveni of Uganda.

UN Agency Condemns North Sudan Air Raids On Refugee Site in...

The United Nations refugee agency today condemned two air raids near a refugee transit centre in South Sudan, saying that 14 people went missing during the attacks and that a teenage boy was injured. "Bombing of civilian areas must be condemned in the strongest terms," Mireille Girard, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in South Sudan, said of the attacks on Elfoj in South Sudan's Upper Nile state yesterday.