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Ethiopia Races To Preserve ‘Africa’s Jerusalem’

AFRICANGLOBE - Conservationists are facing a race against time to prevent one of Ethiopia's most sacred religious site from crumbling away. The ancient churches of Lalibela in northern Ethiopia have been a place of pilgrimage for local Christians since they were constructed 800 years ago.

Will Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam Dry The Nile In Egypt? No

AFRICANGLOBE - A vast section of northern Ethiopia has been turned into a giant building site. Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is now about 30% complete. The whole project spans an area of 1,800 sq km (695 sq miles). Once completed, it will be Africa's largest hydropower dam, standing some 170m (558ft) tall.

Ethiopia’s Ancient Timket Festival Draws Massive Crowds

AFRICANGLOBE - It starts on the eve of Timket, which means "epiphany", when Gondar's top eight priests transport cloaked tabots -- replicas of the Arc of the Covenant -- atop their heads to the baths in an elaborate procession through town, complete with lively song, dance and prayer. The prayers continue overnight, with chanting that echoes throughout the city, as worshippers continue streaming into the stone baths, built by hand for Emperor Fasilledes in 1632

Ethiopia’s Journey From Poverty to Prosperity

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia's economic growth has been impressive. In the last decade or so, Ethiopia's growth has been among the strongest in the world, partially due to better policies, increased productivity and an increase of Foreign Direct Investment

The Myths and Modernity 
of Northern Ethiopia

Thousands of years of history and some of the most important 
sites in Ethiopian Christianity sit alongside new buildings, roads 
and airports. Northern Ethiopia...

Archaeologists Strike Gold in Ethiopia in a Quest to Find Queen...

A British excavation has struck archaeological gold with a discovery that may solve the mystery of where the Queen of Sheba of biblical legend...