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World’s Oldest Tools – From 3.3 Million Years Ago – Discovered...

AFRICANGLOBE - The oldest stone tools on record — dating back 3.3 million years — have been discovered in Kenya, scientists announced Wednesday. "(This) marks a new beginning to the known archaeological record," according to the study, which appeared in the British journal Nature.

Tullow Announces Fifth Consecutive Oil Discovery In Kenya

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa-focused Tullow Oil Plc has struck oil at the Agete-1 well in northern Kenya, its fifth consecutive discovery since it began drilling in a region that is a new frontier for oil and natural gas exploration.

Tullow Strikes Another Oil Field in Kenya

AFRICANGLOBE - London listed multinational Tullow Oil which has been exploring oil in Kenya has announced the discovery of another oil well further raising the prospects of Kenya in joining the league of oil producers.

Kenya: Oil Expectations Rise in 2013

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya has no officially confirmed commercial oil deposits yet but the year 2012 will remain the best for Kenya's quest to join the league of oil producers. For a country which a year ago had no reason to think of ever becoming an oil producer, two wells at appraisal stage in Northern Kenya and gas finds at the coast is exciting.

Exploration Firm Strikes More Oil in Kenya

Exploration firm Tullow Oil plc on Wednesday announced a fresh discovery of oil deposits at Twiga South-1 exploration well, on Block 13T in Northern...

Mega Lamu Project: Kenya’s Gateway to Africa

A new transport corridor through northern Kenya would make many happy: South Sudan wants access to the Indian Ocean and the Nairobi government wants...