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Mali Militias Leave Key Northern Town Ahead Of Peace Deal

AFRICANGLOBE - Pro-government militias withdrew from a flashpoint town in northern Mali on Friday, removing a key obstacle to a long-delayed U.N.-backed peace deal due to be signed this weekend.

Ancient Timbuktu Manuscripts Saved From Terrorists Shine In Brussels

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2012 Tuareg savages and Muslim terrorists took over northern Mali, imposing draconian-style Islam on an already devout people. The invaders destroyed crucial works of Malian heritage including the tombs of African saints listed with UNESCO, the UN cultural protection agency.

Arab Terrorists Pillaged And Destroyed Ancient African Sites In Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - Some 90 per cent of the 11th century archaeological site of Gao Saneye in northern Mali was pillaged by Muslim terrorists during their seizure of the region in 2012, traditional musical instruments and costumes were destroyed, and a World Heritage site mosque needs urgent repairs, United Nations cultural officials reported today.

11 Terrorists Dead In Mali Anti-Terror Operation

AFRICANGLOBE - A French counter-terrorism offensive in rebel-infested northern Mali ended on Friday with 11 terrorists killed and a French soldier wounded, military sources inside the operation told reporters. “The French military operation in the Timbuktu region is completed. Eleven terrorists were killed. A French soldier was wounded but his life is not in danger,” said an official from France's Operation Serval military mission in its former colony.

Arabs, Tuaregs Join Forces To Conquer Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - The three main rebel groups in northern Mali have agreed to merge, creating a united front in an ongoing peace process with the government. A Tuareg invasion in northern Mali last year plunged the country into chaos, leading to a coup in the capital Bamako and the occupation of the north by Arab terrorists.

Mali Coup Leader Apologises

AFRICANGLOBE - The Malian army captain who led a coup last year that plunged the West African nation into crisis and allowed al-Qaeda-linked terrorists to seize half the country has apologised to the nation for his actions.

Saudi Arabia’s Hidden Hand In the Mali Crisis

Divisions within Mali's powerful Haut Conseil Islamique mirror the crisis on the wider political stage. There is an rift between Wahhabi Muslims, financed by Saudi Arabia, and the more liberal adherents of Sufi Islam, who have traditionally been dominant in Mali.

Mali Refugees Stranded In Mauritanian Desert With No Hope of Return

AFRICANGLOBE - Some 70,000 refugees from Mali are living in difficult conditions in the middle of the Mauritanian desert, with ethnic tensions in northern Mali quashing any hopes of a swift return home.

African Armies are Better Than You Think

AFRICANGLOBE - France's intervention to chase Arab terrorists from northern Mali in July has caused many African politicians and military leaders to question the state of Africa's armed forces. Governments face a series of new threats – from piracy to Arab-style terrorism – and militaries are changing in order to build up new regional and continental forces.

Mali: War Over, Now to Secure Peace

AFRICANGLOBE - As the Malian army and its foreign partners are slowly securing northern cities in the West African nation, it is still unclear how the country will turn its back on the political crisis that led to the March 2012 military coup.

UN Report Accuses Mali Army of Targeting Arabs and Tuaregs

AFRICANGLOBE - The recent military intervention in northern Mali has been followed by a serious escalation of retaliatory violence by Government soldiers who appeared to be targeting members of various ethnic groups perceived to be supportive of the armed groups, a senior United Nations official warned today.

French Soldier Killed In Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - A French soldier has been killed while fighting terrorists in northern Mali's mountainous Iforhas region, Francois Hollande, France's president, has said. The dead serviceman was identified as Staff Sergeant Harold Vormezeele, a commando with the Second Foreign Parachute Regiment, an elite unit of the French Foreign Legion.

French, Malian Troops Clash With Terrorists Around Gao

AFRICANGLOBE - French and Malian troops suffered casualties in clashes with terrorists fighters near northern Mali's main town, Gao, France's Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Wednesday. He vowed to hunt down the combatants and claimed they had suffered "significant losses".

Mali’s President Rules Out Talks With Islamists

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali's interim president ruled out talks with Islamist groups who ruled the north for nine months, but said he was ready to meet Tuareg activists from the region. President Dioncounda Traore set out his position after France called for peace talks between Mali's government and "legitimate representatives" from the north.

Understanding the Military Intervention in Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - On BBC television's Question Time last week an angry audience member asked the panel why Britain should be sending military help to the French in Mali. "I don't remember the French coming to our aid when we went to the Falklands" he fumed to loud applause.

Northern Mali: Chadian Soldiers Join Their Brothers In Battle

AFRICANGLOBE - If the Arabs in northern Mali are fanatics, in a few days they will find Africans in the desert who are even crazier than they are," warned one of the soldiers from the Chadian contingent. The Chadian army has experience fighting in a desert climate, suppressing numerous internal rebellions in an arid environment identical to that of northern Mali. Chad also fought and won a border war with Libya between 1983 and 1987.