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Civilians In Mali Report Vicious Rapes And Abuses Committed by Arab...

AFRICANGLOBE - As French and Malian forces battle al Qaida-linked terrorists in Mali, reports are emerging of horrific human rights abuses and rapes committed there by the rebel soldiers — leading to widespread fears that hundreds of thousands of Malian citizens will flee to neighboring countries.

Mali: Al-Qaeda’s New Homeland

AFRICANGLOBE - Al Qaeda has a new refuge: the deserts of Northern Mali. As jihadists pour into the country, this report captures how harsh Islamist control has led to a food crisis and the exodus of half a million people.

Mali: Army Launch Offensive Against Arab Terrorists In the North

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali's army clashed with Arab terrorists along the front line in northern Mali on Thursday and said its forces had seized an important town, but the invaders denied the claim. The fighting is the first major attempt by government forces to push back the insurgents since they seized the north, including the fabled desert city of Timbuktu, last year and could squash hopes of peace talks.

Mali Crisis, Al-Qaeda Driving ‘Arc of Instability’ Across Africa – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - Two new studies report that "the growing role of al-Qaeda across northern Africa," fueled by the Mali crisis and Libyan arms influx, is creating an 'Arc of Instability' across Africa's Sahel that poses an "acute threat" to countries in the region and to Europe and the US.

Timbuktu: A Great African History in Danger of Being Destroyed by...

AFRICANGLOBE - Timbuktu's thousands of manuscripts are caught in the crossfire as an international intervention force prepares to retake northern Mali from the hands of Algerian and other Arab terrorists. For the archivists faced with the dilemma of a risky evacuation or sitting tight, time is running out.

UN Security Council Authorizes African-Led Intervention Force in Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - The Security Council yesterday authorized the deployment of an African-led International Support Mission in Mali, to be known as AFISMA, for an initial period of one year to assist the authorities in recovering rebel-held regions in the north and restoring the unity of the country.

Nightmare in Northern Mali – A Must Read Article

AFRICANGLOBE - Journalism in northern Mali has become a high-risk job. Since invading Arabs took over the region, keeping the public informed has become extremely difficult and, at times, dangerous. But so far, Radio Hania, in the city of Gao, is staying on air.

Ethnic Politics Now Shaping Events in Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethnic politics continue to be significant in events in northern Mali, with militant groups appealing to ethnic fears to gain support. As Mali...

Niger’s President Backs Intervention in Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - The crisis in northern Mali could enter a new chapter this week. Malian officials are expected to meet with delegations from two...

More Algerians Arrive to Support Al-Qaeda In Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - Several dozen Algerian terrorists have arrived in Timbuktu to support armed Arab groups controlling northern Mali, who have toughened their application of...

UN Mali Mandate Inches Closer

AFRICANGLOBE - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is about to unveil his report on the planned military mission to Mali, which the Security Council...

Suffering in Northern Mali

How might military action in northern Mali unfold and what impact will it have on the local population? A recent article in the Wall Street...

Algeria Opposing Military Intervention in Northern Mali

International military intervention in Mali would be an “adventure” that would never succeed, Algeria warned on Tuesday, urging a political solution to pave the...

Northern Mali – Don’t Forget the Ethnic Dimension

While ethnicity is not a key driver of the current conflict in northern Mali, there is a real danger violence could become organised along...

African Union Asks UN to Authorize Mali Deployment

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Union is asking the United Nations Security Council to endorse a military intervention to free northern Mali from Arab terrorists...

West African Leaders Approve Military Plan for Mali

West African leaders have approved a military strategy to help Mali retake control of the north of the country from Arab terrorists. Leaders from the...