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Arab Tuaregs Carrying Out Campaign of Mass Rape in Northern Mali

Increasing numbers of Malian women are being raped by Tuareg rebels and armed groups that have swept across the north of Mali since the...

Arab Islamist Tuaregs Declare Independence In Northern Mali

Mali's Tuareg nomads, who have seized control of the country's north in the aftermath of a military coup in the capital, declared independence Friday of what...

Islamists, Al-Qaeda Impose Sharia Law In Northern Mali

Islamists gained ground in northern Mali, jostling with Tuareg rebels for control of the vast desert region as the troubled nation's military rulers faced...

Al-Qaeda Using Mali Crisis to Expand, France Warns

France warned the seizure of northern Mali by a Tuareg-led rebellion was playing into the hands of local al Qaeda units, urging neighbours including...

Tuareg Attacks Could Spark Regional Violence in Mali, Niger and Southern...

The recent outbreak of violence in northern Mali will have given governments across the Sahel with their own Tuareg populations pause for thought. While regional...

Tuareg Nomads Capture Mali Garrison Town

Arab Tuareg rebels seeking to carve out a desert homeland in Mali's north have taken control of the key garrison town of Tessalit following...

Heavy Fighting in North Mali, Casualties Reported

Heavy casualties have been reported in clashes between Malian forces and Tuareg nomads near the northern town of Tessalit in the past two days,...

Arab Taureg Attack Northern Mali Forcing Over 20,000 Africans to Flee

NHCR has deployed emergency teams to countries surrounding Mali to help meet the needs of some 20,000 people who have been forced to flee...