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22 African Presidents Have Been Assassinated By France Since 1963

AFRICANGLOBE - Since 1963, more than 22 African presidents, then in power, have been assassinated by France, many of them asserted their independence and refused to go along with the colonial power.  The latest of these leaders being Muammar Gaddafi. Most of the coups and assassinations were carried out by the SDECE, the DGSE and the DST. These are three French intelligence services that have the reputation of carrying out coups and murders in Africa.

Coons Of Africa: Ivorian King So Upset By Notre-Dame Fire, Vows...

AFRICANGLOBE - Citing strong links between his kingdom and France, an Ivorian king says he will contribute financially to the rebuilding of the ravaged Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. King Amon N’Douffou V of Krindjabo, capital of the Sanwi Kingdom, in southeastern Ivory Coast said he was in consultations with his elders over the intended donation. The pictures (of the fire) disturbed my sleep and I could not spend the night, because this cathedral represents a strong link between my kingdom and France.