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Civil Disobedience In Sudan And The Nubian Struggle

AFRICANGLOBE - The governments of Sudan and Egypt are executing a well thought out plan of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement of Nubians. Nubian land is being sold to foreign investors, going against the international laws that call for the protection of indigenous people. The Nubians need the support of the rest of the citizens of Sudan and Egypt and the international community. History is repeating itself.

50 Years of Displacement of the Nubians in Egypt

AFRICANGOBE - For the past 50 years, Nubians have been calling for the right to return to their land. In the early sixties, priority was given to Egypt's wars and regional autonomy. With time, displaced people in Suez and Sinai returned to their homelands, but Nubians remained displaced, despite government promises.

Save Nubia, Sudanese Dams Set to Bury Ancient African Civilization

The Arab minority government of Sudan has recently secured construction contracts for several dams, and the work on these hydroelectric projects will start soon...