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South Africa Celebrates 50 Years Of Nuclear Power

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa’s apartheid government pursued a clandestine nuclear weapons program from 1974 to 1990 when the country faced resistance at home, war on its borders and increasing international isolation. It was when Pretoria abandoned its development of weapons of mass destruction in 1993 that South Africa emerged as a champion of nuclear science for peaceful means.

South Africa: Nuclear Power ‘Will Help Cut Emissions’

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa plans to expand its use of nuclear power in a safe and secure way as a key part of the country's move towards a diversified, low-carbon energy mix, says the country's Energy Minister Dipuo Peters. "If we are serious about diversification towards a low carbon economy, we cannot belittle the role that natural gas and nuclear power can play in the realisation of that 2030 low carbon energy vision

East Africa Embracing Nuclear Energy

Kenya will use nuclear energy as part of the government's efforts to meet the rising energy demands. The revelation came at the 23rd African Regional...