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South Africa, Russia Sign Agreements On Nuclear Cooperation At BRICS Meeting

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa and Russia signed two memoranda of understanding on nuclear power cooperation on Wednesday, part of efforts by Africa's most advanced economy to lessen its reliance on coal and overcome power shortages that threaten economic growth.

Will Putin Pay For $100 Billion South Africa Nuclear Plan?

AFRICANGLOBE - Russia is seen by analysts as the frontrunner to win the right to build South African nuclear power plants that may be worth as much as $100 billion. With a six-month deadline to award contracts, who’s going to pay for the country’s biggest project yet remains a mystery.

Nuclear Deal With Russia Brings Political Storm Clouds In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Opposition (mainly White) lawmakers are crying foul about a multibillion-dollar nuclear power deal with Russia, saying the agreement could give Moscow the power to veto South African trade with other nuclear providers.

Russia, South Africa Sign Agreement For Nuclear Power Plants

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa signed a partnership agreement with Russia’s state-owned nuclear company that may see Rosatom Corp. build reactors in Africa’s second-biggest economy. “The agreement lays the foundation for the large-scale nuclear power plants procurement and development program” using Russian VVER reactors

Kenyans Welcome Plans for Nuclear Energy

AFRICANGLOBE - The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has welcomed the government's plans to explore nuclear energy as an alternative source of power in Kenya.