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The Public Still Can’t See The Eric Garner Grand Jury Records,...

AFRICANGLOBE - The public still can't look at transcripts from the grand jury investigation into the murder of Eric Garner, a New York appeals court ruled Wednesday. A four-judge panel from New York’s Appellate Division, Second Judicial Department, upheld aprevious decision from a lower court that found no “compelling and particularized need” to release the grand jury records.

WATCH: NYPD Thug Picks A Fight With A Man. It Was...

AFRICANGLOBE - A viral video has been posted online which shows a belligerent police officer harassing a man who did nothing wrong. The 8-minute video is eerily similar to that of Eric Garner who was murdered by the NYPD for acting in a similarly frustrated manner. This man could have likely suffered the same fate.

NYPD Thugs Sued After Officers Beat Autistic Teen

AFRICANGLOBE - The suit claims uniformed police threw 17-year-old Troy Canales to the ground, beat him, and took him into custody without just cause. No charges were filed against him.

NYPD Thugs Attempt To Arrest 14-Year-Old Girl- Community Doesn’t Allow It

AFRICANGLOBE - “May 14 around 7PM in Washington heights 140st and Hamilton undercover officers Gonzalez from the 30th Pct. NYPD over stepped his boundaries and was not following proper protocol . ‪#‎PoliceThePolice‬” Barber’s caption read. What begins as a typical video of police abusing their badges takes a dramatic turn for the absolute best around six minutes in.

Hidden Cam Catches NYPD Cops Arresting Man For No Reason, Making...

AFRICANGLOBE - A video published on Youtube yesterday by user benfarias13 shows an apalling abuse of power by the NYPD when they pull over and arrest a man for absolutely no reason. The video begins with the driver sitting calmly in his car when an officer walks up and opens the car door, demanding he “step out of the car.”

5 Examples Of The US Govt Treating BlackLivesMatter Movement Like A...

AFRICANGLOBE - Once again, tactics and legal allowances created in the name of “stopping terrorism” are being used, without any oversight or public debate, on entirely peaceful domestic activism. Official recognition that the NYPD and its FBI Joint Terror Task Force were using their counter terror units on #BlackLivesMatter didn’t really come until a casual admission by the NYPD in the New York Post the day before the announcement of the Eric Garner verdict in December of last year:

NYPD Caught Red-Handed Editing Wikipedia Entries About Eric Garner And Other...

AFRICANGLOBE - Entries found to have been edited by IP addresses associated with the NYPD include pages related to the shooting deaths of Eric Garner, Sean Bell, and Amadou Diallo. In all, Capital New York identified 85 separate NYPD addresses that have edited Wikipedia, which indicates that this may very well have been a coordinated operation and not simply the work of a rogue officer.

It’s More Obvious Than Ever Pantaleo Should Have Been Charged With...

AFRICANGLOBE - Now that a grand jury in the same state indicted Liang for Gurley's death, the injustice against Eric Garner and his family becomes all the more clear. Pantaleo was infamously filmed strangling Eric Garner, which the city's medical examiner said caused the unarmed, 44-year-old man's death.

NYPD Cop Charged After Video Shows Him Stomping On Man’s Head

AFRICANGLOBE - A New York City police officer has been indicted for stomping on the head of a Brooklyn man pinned to the floor and pleading “Help me”. The incident is one in a spate of recent alleged police brutality or misconduct cases that have been caught on video.

Stop And Frisk: NYPD’s ‘Broken Windows’ Policing ‘Criminalizes’ Black Men

AFRICANGLOBE - “The mayor says ‘stop and frisk’ is over and now we’re all going to enjoy the fruits of economic development together. The truth is that now there are more unmarked police cars, plainclothes officers, and cops still target young men who look like me.”

NYPD’s Work Stoppage Backfire: Arrest Rates Plummet At No Cost To...

AFRICANGLOBE - The NYPD's “slowdown strike” has unwittingly placed the police in an awkward position: with arrest rates plummeting and no significant harm done to public safety, the department may soon find itself having disproven the value of Broken Windows policing polices that #BlackLivesMatter protesters have been calling for an end to all along.

The NYPD’s Mini-Rebellion, And The True Face Of American Fascism

AFRICANGLOBE - There’s no doubt that the NYPD crisis has disturbing implications on various levels. With both the disgruntled NYPD leadership and the so-called intellectual leader of the Tea Party, the appeal to fascism – no, excuse me, to “patriotism” and “true Americanism” – is just too blatant, and their rejection of democracy too obvious.

Can Cuomo And De Blasio Stand Up To NYPD Thuggery?

AFRICANGLOBE - If NYPD officers can brazenly disrespect Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton, then why act surprised when citizens complain of their abusive treatment by the hands of NYPD officers?

VIDEO:’This Is Not A War! It’s A 12-Year-Old Boy’—Crowd Erupts As...

AFRICANGLOBE - In a recent video recorded by an onlooker on the streets of New York City, several large uniformed cops have a 12-year-old Black boy subdued and pinned against a car, when a white plainclothes police officer runs up and throws several punches at the immobilized boy.

NYPD Declares “We Are At War” After Death Of Two Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - To Patrick Lynch, a cop’s killing is unacceptable. But to Patrick Lynch (and to too many white people), a cop acting as judge, jury and executioner is somehow acceptable. The NYPD has “become a ‘wartime’ police department. We will act accordingly.” Wartime? These are the marching orders to the 35,000 armed members of the biggest police department in the United States. The fear inside that police union boss is not just about the actual violence which may befall his members; it’s a fear that the NYPD is in danger of losing its monopoly on the threat of violence.

Man Who Killed 2 NYPD Cops Was Ismaaiyl Abdula Brinsley

AFRICANGLOBE - The man who killed two NYPD officers Saturday afternoon before shooting himself was also the suspect in an Owings Mills shooting Saturday morning, Baltimore County police reported.