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Governments Giving Away African Land, Acre By Acre

AFRICANGLOBE - African governments are in the spotlight for their role in the continent’s land grabs which has seen millions of acres end up in the hands of private investors. A look at recent land deals reveals a trend seen by some land experts and economists as a “dangerous” grab of the basis upon which the continent’s people depend for survival.

U.S. Company Accused of Land-Grab in Cameroon

Environment groups are accusing a New York-based agricultural company, Herakles Farms, of going forward with plans for a 73,000-hectare palm-oil plantation and refinery in...

U.S. Firm Accused of Massive Land Grab in Tanzania

A major U.S. energy company, AgriSol Energy, is accused of engaging in land grabs in Tanzania that would displace more than 160,000 Burundian refugees...

Rigging the Rules: Unfair Land Deals in South Sudan

According to a recent report by the Oakland Institute, 'Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa: South Sudan', a large influx of one-sided foreign investment...