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Oakland Protesters Block Freeways, Break Windows

AFRICANGLOBE - Protesters briefly shut down two major freeways, vandalized police cars and looted businesses in downtown Oakland, smashing windows at cell phone stores, car dealerships, restaurants and convenience stores on a second night of protests Tuesday night.

More Than A Third Of Oakland’s Fast Food Workers Can’t Afford...

AFRICANGLOBE - There is a growing movement to raise the wages of fast food workers, with the rallying cry of $15 an hour. The protests come in the backdrop of a national push for a higher minimum wage, but are focused on one of America's largest low-wage industries.

25% Drop In African American Population In Oakland

AFRICANGLOBE - Oakland, whose thriving African American community for decades shaped Black identity for the nation, lost nearly a quarter of its Black population in the past decade, U.S. Census data shows. Now, Oakland has nearly as many White people as it does African American. It also has nearly as many Latinos.

Black-Americans Are 28 Percent Of Oakland’s Population, 62 Percent Of Police...

AFRICANGLOBE - Police stop and search African-Americans at a far higher rate than other racial groups in Oakland, according to a police report released Monday that has renewed concerns about racial profiling in the city.