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Obama White House Moves To Reauthorize Military Equipment For Killer Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - The Obama White House is set to authorize police agencies to once again acquire military equipment, a move that is sure to be met with heavy criticism from activists seeking greater accountability from police in light of regular police killings of Black men. The U.S. government will revisit a 2015 ban on police forces getting riot gear, armored vehicles and other military-grade equipment from the U.S. armed forces.

Secession Petition Gets Enough Signatures to Force White House Response

Ah, the beauty of America, a country where the Obama White House created an online process to petition the government for changes—and where residents...

Record Black Male Unemployment Remains Invisible to the First Black President

State of the Union speeches usually throw bones in every direction, to every constituency that matters to a president. But even though Black male...