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Why Did Scott Gration U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Resigned

When U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration resigned his position early this morning(yesterday), he said in an emailed statement, "differences with Washington regarding my...

Does President Obama Take African Americans for Granted?

When President Obama doesn’t want to do something, he pleads the limits of presidential power or resistance from Republicans. But, when a novel move...

Tourists Keep Flocking to South Africa

Over eight-million tourists visited South Africa in 2011 - a 3.3% increase over the 2010 World Cup year that would, if football-specific arrivals were...

New Evidence Filed in Trayvon Martin Case

As many eagerly awaited the release of never-before-seen evidence in the case against George Zimmerman, members of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey's office provided a...

‘Think Like A Man’ and the Legacy of ‘Love Jones’

It has been 15 years since Darius and Nina fell in love after that pivotal poetry reading in Chicago, but fans of "Love Jones"...

African Union Game Changer

South Africa's Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma will be an unexpected beneficiary of the death of Malawi's Bingu wa Mutharika last week, and of the consequent major...

Malawi Gives Africa Its 2nd Female President

The continent of Africa now has a second woman holding the top leadership role in her country. Joyce Banda was sworn in Saturday as...

Wade Concedes Defeat to Opposition Candidate Macky Sall

Fireworks and dancing in the streets marked the concession of Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade to opposition candidate Macky Sall late Sunday, in a run-off...

Why Is Obama Closing Black Businesses?

Black Americans continue to stand by President Barack Obama, despite how he and his minions treat us. Nine of every 10 African-American voters have...

Black America, Politically Paralyzed, Powerless, Irrelevant

AFRICANGLOBE - If the Black misleadership class has its way, the only political role for Black America is to be the solid Black wall around the president, the wall that does not insulate him from Wall Street or the energy companies or the warmongers.

Shell Sets Sights On Ghana’s Oil Reserves

AFRICANGLOBE - Ever since Ghana discovered commercial quantities of oil in June 2007 and began commercial production December 15, 2010, many oil companies have expressed interest in the country's reserves of 'black gold'.

The Ties That Bind: China, Angola and Zimbabwe

What does Manuel Vicente’s rise to top office in Angola mean for Zimbabwe, and what role does China play in all of this? Vicente is believed to be pegged at vice president by José Eduardo dos Santos – one of Africa’s longest running dictators, bound to win the next Angolan elections in 2012.

Mormon Bishop Pleads Guilty to Sexually Abusing Ethiopian Children

A former Mormon bishop and co-founder of a nonprofit group that helps women and children in Third World villages faces sentencing in November for sexually abusing children.

U.S. Needs Firm Aggressive Leadership Mr. President

Many Obama supporters contend that the president can only do so much, which is absolutely true. But what he can do is use the bully pulpit of the presidency to educate the people, which he’s failing miserably at.

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Freed From Prison

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick walked free from a state prison early Tuesday after serving just over a year for violating probation in a...

Foreign Firms Eyes Kenya's Booming Property Market

Four international financiers have applied to invest jointly with the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) in a Sh256 billion real estate plan as foreign investors eye the country’s booming property market.