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Nairobi Blast Kills Several, Dozens Injured

More than 30 people have been admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) following a minibus explosion in Eastleigh which left seven people dead. Confirming...

Paul Kagame Warns Against ‘Externalizing’ DRC Crisis

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has warned a UN high level summit on DRC against blaming external actors for the problem and seeking external solutions...

Video of Donald Taylor Brentwood Police-Involved Shooting

Dramatic surveillance video released Tuesday appears to show a Prince George's County officer striking Donald Taylor with his gun during an incident in Brentwood,...

George Zimmerman Had Police Connection

It’s been perhaps the biggest mystery of the Trayvon Martin murder case saga: George Zimmerman’s police connection. An aspiring police officer, Zimmerman has been accused by prosecutors of...

Four Atlantic City Police Brutally Beat Black Teen

A nationally respected attorney intends to file a federal complaint against four Atlantic City, New Jersey, police officers who allegedly beat an African American...

NYPD Officer Charged In Shooting Of Unarmed 18-Year-Old Ramarley Graham

A New York Police Department officer has been indicted in the shooting in February of Ramarley Graham an unarmed teen who was pursued into...

Media Spotlights Vicious Atlantic City Police Beating

Atlantic City, New Jersey, has long been regaled as the "world's playground," where sun, surf, sand, eager tourists and anxious gamblers meet. Yet it is...

Pregnant Woman Tased by Police in Chicago Over Parking Violation

Tiffany Rent stood hunched over in pain outside a Far South Side courthouse in Chicago on Wednesday, tears streaming down her face as she...

Recording Surfaces Racial Abuse by London Police

First came the physical assaults, said the young man arrested by London police during last summer's riots. What followed a knee to the chest...

Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin and the Protection of ‘Police Murder’ in...

Once again another young Black man has been shot and killed, under highly questionable circumstances, by a representative of law enforcement. Also once again,...

Oakland Police Shoot Oscar Grant’s Cousin In The Back

AFRICANGLOBE - Oakland Police shot and seriously injured Tony Jones, 24, late Sunday. Jones’ mother says he is a cousin of Oscar Grant, whose murder by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle on New Year’s Day, 2009, sparked a movement for justice that presaged the Occupy movement.

Hundreds Attend Funeral for Mark Duggan, Murdered by UK Police

The funeral of Mark Duggan was held in North London on September 9. Hundreds gathered to pay their respects to the 29-year-old father of four, whose death at the hands of police on August 4 sparked riots in several cities in England.

NYPD Cop Breaks Black Man’s Arm, Who Complained to Internal Affairs...

Jimmy Findley who owns Diamond Cuts Barber Shop on Rutland Road in Brooklyn is today walking with his arm in a sling courtesy of The New York Police Department (NYPD).

University Of Cincinnati Police, Kills Black Male Student

An 18-year old student at the University of Cincinnati was killed this weekend after being stunned by a police taser. Everette Howard, a student in a summer program preparing him for college, died after the attack. Friends say that Howard was trying to break up a fight in front of a dorm when campus police arrived on the scene.

Five New Orleans Police Officers Stand Trial for Post-Katrina killings

A federal trial has begun against five current and former New Orleans police officers charged in the killing and maiming of unarmed residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Opening statements were made June 27. The victims were gunned down as they crossed the Danziger Bridge on September 4, 2005, six days after Katrina devastated the city.

Police Trial in Katrina Killings Tests New Orleans Justice System

One officer is accused of fatally shooting a mentally disabled black man in the back before a sergeant stomped on him. Prosecutors say the same sergeant, armed with an assault rifle, fired on wounded and unarmed people lying on the ground. All are accused of participating in a cover-up that allegedly included a plot to plant a gun, fabricate witnesses and falsify reports.