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Angola: Facing A New Normal

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the end of its three-decade long civil conflict in 2002, Angola has registered strong growth fuelled by crude oil exports, which allowed high public spending and drove the emergence of the country’s consumer class. Since the oil price decline – and quick rebound – of 2009, the government has consistently cited economic diversification as a top priority.

$8bn Rail Project: Uganda Looks To Oil As Alternative To Chinese...

AFRICANGLOBE - “Remember we have our oil, which we shall start harvesting in 2017, and that money will deal with these projects – railway and electricity … China or no China, we shall build that railway,” Yoweri Museveni was quoted as saying on Monday on the sidelines of an African investment conference in London.

Libya Losses $7bn To Oil Field Seizures And Strike Action

AFRICANGLOBE - Libya has lost over $7 billion in oil exports due to seizures of oil fields and strike actions, with growing competition from oil-rich Nigeria and Algeria threatening to further reduce export revenues in the coming months.

South Sudan May Soon Resume Oil Exports Through Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - The delegations of Sudan and South Sudan in the Ethiopian capital agreed on Tuesday to allow for the resumption of oil exports that were suspended last year for disagreement on the transit fees that should be assessed.