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Aliko Dangote Makes $17 Billion Bid For Immortality

AFRICANGLOBE - In many ways, Dangote’s ascent recalls that of Gilded Age tycoons such as Andrew Carnegie and Cornelius Vanderbilt, who accumulated great fortunes as they created industries.

Nigerian Lawmakers Investigate Swiss Traders in Oil Scam

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigerian lawmakers are launching an investigation into the oil industry after a financial watchdog group said Swiss traders may have been involved in what they called "one of the most massive frauds the African continent has experienced."

Uganda, Kenya Recharge Plans For Oil Pipeline Link

AFRICANGLOBE - Uganda and Kenya have recharged plans for an oil pipeline aimed at transporting petroleum products between the two east African countries. Analysts praised...

Informing the People – Oil Contracts Demystified

AFRICANGLOBE - With oil economies booming in Africa, OpenOil has published a guide to help ordinary citizens understand the complex and jargon-filled oil contracts...

South Sudan Orders Oil Companies to Resume Production

South Sudan on Thursday issued an order instructing foreign and national companies involved in oil industry to immediately resume production and exports through the...

The Top 5 Oil Producing Economies In Africa

Oil discoveries in Uganda and Kenya in recent years have raised hopes that East Africa can follow the lead of several other African nations...

Signs of Hope in Tackling Corruption in Nigeria’s Oil Industry

Though the destiny of Nigerian oil and gas is still bound up in the passing of a bill designed to simplify and restructure the...

Angola: Sow where you reap

The Angolan government can encourage the oil industry to create positive spillovers for local industry, but not all local ownership leads 
to employment growth. For...

Shell Accused of Funding Clashes, Armed Gangs in Nigeria

AN industry watchdog, Platform of London has accused Royal Dutch Shell, the parent company of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) of funding armed gangs, which had fuelled human rights abuses in Nigeria.