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East Africa Advised to Share Oil Infrastructure

East African countries have been urged to design common oil and gas infrastructure to take advantage of economies of scale and avoid wasteful duplication...

South Sudan Looks South to Export Oil

Across South Sudan demonstrations have been held in support of President Salva Kiir's decision to shutdown its 350,000-barrel daily oil production. This came after Sudan's...

Analysing the Two Sudans’ Oil Dispute

Six months after the secession of the Republic of South Sudan from Sudan, the two countries have still not been able to resolve a number of important outstanding issues. Prominent among these issues is the lack of agreement on the South's use of the oil infrastructure in the North. With the South having seceded with about 75 per cent of Sudan's oil wealth and the crucial role that the commodity plays in Sudan's national revenue, negotiations for an oil deal are key for the two countries. As such, mediating the oil crisis has become one of the major pre-occupations of the Thabo Mbeki-led African Union's High-level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) on the outstanding issues between the two countries.