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Africa’s Top Oil Producers To See Robust Economic Growth

AFRICANGLOBE - Oil-rich African countries will benefit from robust economic growth but weaker crude prices could send budget deficits higher next year, a Reuters poll showed on Tuesday.

Tullow Strikes Another Oil Field in Kenya

AFRICANGLOBE - London listed multinational Tullow Oil which has been exploring oil in Kenya has announced the discovery of another oil well further raising the prospects of Kenya in joining the league of oil producers.

Kenya: Oil Expectations Rise in 2013

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya has no officially confirmed commercial oil deposits yet but the year 2012 will remain the best for Kenya's quest to join the league of oil producers. For a country which a year ago had no reason to think of ever becoming an oil producer, two wells at appraisal stage in Northern Kenya and gas finds at the coast is exciting.

The Top 5 Oil Producing Economies In Africa

Oil discoveries in Uganda and Kenya in recent years have raised hopes that East Africa can follow the lead of several other African nations...