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Africans Struggle To Benefit From Their Oil And Mineral Resources

AFRICANGLOBE - A major new survey of African countries which depend on mining or oil revenues shows that six in 10 people have difficulty in finding out how their governments spend the proceeds of the resources. This is among the findings of a report published by Afrobarometer

Africa: the Rise of the Sovereign Wealth Fund

AFRICANGLOBE - African sovereign wealth funds are emerging to save and invest resource revenues. If efficient, they could also boost domestic growth and credit ratings. A spate of sovereign wealth funds are opening across Africa as resource-rich countries look to manage their revenues.

South Sudan Threatens to Cut Oil Supply Through Northern Pipeline

South Sudan accused Khartoum of trying to charge too much for use of the northern pipeline and said it might shut it down, signalling a further rise in tension as both sides argue over dividing oil revenues. The south took 75 percent of the country’s oil production of 500 000 barrels of oil when it became independent on July 9.