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Can South Sudan Learn From the Alaska Model?

South Sudan will be celebrating the first anniversary of its independence on July 9. But the day will be marred by the fact that...

North Sudan Jets Attack South Sudan’s Oil Wells

Following the bombardment of South Sudan's Elnar oil fields, an area in Unity State by Sudan jet planes on Wednesday 29th.February, 2012 in the...

South Sudan Shuts Down More Than 240 Oil Wells

South Sudan oil operators closed more 242 oil wells Friday as the government announced it has unearthed further oil theft of more than 40,000 barrels per day. The wells were closed in Palaug oil fields in Upper Nile state that accounts for more than 60 percent of the crude oil output. In Paluag oil fields, there are 600 oil wells, and the 242 wells already shut down have halved the controversial daily output of 250,000 barrels per day, officials said.