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1921: Black Business District In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Attacked, Aerially Bombed, Victims...

AFRICANGLOBE- May 31st, 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The ‘Negro Wall Street’ district of the Greenwood neighborhood is bombed from the air. Whites invade the enviable Black business district, looting, burning and killing. The police commandeer private planes. The 101st Airborne is flown in. A load of dynamite is dropped. 75 instantly killed. Hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed. Four truckloads of bodies are shoveled into mass graves along the Arkansas river. 4,000 Black men, women, and children arrested and placed in concentration camps, where they are required to carry ‘passes’. The city quickly re-zones the neighborhood so that the railroad can be run through, thus completing the destruction of that neighborhood.

Oklahoma Officer Says He Accidentally Killed This Black Man (Watch)

AFRICANGLOBE - Another video of a Black man being killed by a white police officer has been released, but this time in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Officer Robert Bates, a 73-year old Tulsa County Deputy, says he meant to shoot his suspect Eric Harris with a stun gun during a confrontation back on April 2nd, but accidentally drew and fired his gun.

The New Jim Crow: Oklahoma Bill Would Make Hoodies A Crime

AFRICANGLOBE - Oklahoma residents are concerned that a proposed bill would make it a crime to wear a hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie, in public on many occasions.

Stay Of Execution Denied For Texas Inmate

AFRICANGLOBE - A federal appeals court on Tuesday turned down a request for a stay of execution from a Texas inmate hours before he was scheduled to die.

Oklahoma Postpones Execution After First Is Botched

AFRICANGLOBE - An Oklahoma death row inmate died of a heart attack Tuesday night more than 40 minutes after his execution was halted because the lethal injection of three drugs was botched. The execution of a second man was postponed.

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rejects Death-Row Inmates’ Claims

AFRICANGLOBE - The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled late Wednesday that two death row inmates are not entitled to know the source of the drugs that will be used to kill them.

Oklahoma Court Stays Executions Of 2 Death Row Inmates

AFRICANGLOBE - A sharply divided Oklahoma Supreme Court on Monday stayed the execution of two death row inmates who have challenged the secrecy surrounding the source of the state's lethal injection drugs.

Little Africa: Historical Lesson From the “Black Wall Street”

African history month is dedicated to the Motherland and Diaspora's history, and every month has a different theme, and " Little Africa " will...

Tulsa Shooting Suspects Confessed

Two White men accused of shooting five Black people in Tulsa, Oklahoma, killing three of them, have confessed to authorities, media reports said on...