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Beginning of End for Omar Hassan Al-Bashir?

Student-led demonstrations coupled with growing frustration among sections of Sudan's broader population provide the strongest indications yet of a real push for regime change,...

Protests in Sudan Grows Despite Bashir’s Speech

The Sudanese capital has become the scene for growing protests against austerity measures of the government of President Omar al Bashir. The protests started last...

Omar Al-Bashir Renews Weapons Support for Joseph Kony

AFRICANGLOBE - The Government of Sudan has renewed its military support to Joseph Kony and the Lords' Resistance Army, the Ugandan Ministry of Defence disclosed

Al-Bashir Rules Out Talks With South Sudan

Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's president and international fugitive, has pledged not to negotiate with South Sudan amid reports of fresh air attacks on his country's...

Bashir Threatens South Sudan With Extermination Rhetoric

Sudan's President and international fugitive Omar al-Bashir has begun using victimage rhetoric – calling for an extermination of South Sudan government officials in his...

The Beginning Of The End For The Khartoum Regime

AFRICANGLOBE - Events are spiralling out of the usually tight control of Sudan's President Omar Al Bashir and his regime. Letting go of the troublesome South has caused more problems than it has solved, the various rebel movements are uniting against the government and even Bashir's normally placid northern subjects are getting jittery as the economy collapses.

South Sudan's Entry Into EAC to Spur Investment

The prospect of South Sudan's admission to the East African Community to which she applied for observer status in 2007, is exciting. Her markets and oil fields will certainly boost the region's foreign investment and trade.