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Boost for Africa As Business Students Head Home As Entrepreneurs

AFRICANGLOBE - African Diasporan MBA students from leading Western business schools have affirmed their conviction in Africa's potential for fostering small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs). 70 percent will work in Africa after graduation, according to a new survey by Jacana Partners, the pan-African private equity firm

Kenya Introduces Luxurious Golfing Safari Packages

AFRICANGLOBE - The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), in its efforts to further promote Kenya as a tourist destination of choice for visitors from the Middle East, is introducing Kenya’s luxurious golfing safari packages.

Beyond Consumerism: Empowering the Next Generation of Innovative Africans

Africans are often regarded as big consumers and small producers, even though the continent is rich with natural and human resources. Our capacity to...

Post-Katrina Reconstruction Heightens Inequality – Racism

The redevelopment of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina significantly altered the demographics of New Orleans, disproportionately displacing African Americans, families with children and...

Billions Allocated to Boost South Africa’s Pharmaceutical Sector

South Africa's Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has announced a designation process geared towards stimulating manufacturing in the country's pharmaceutical industry to the...

Could Africa Take 85 Million Jobs from China

The World Bank has said it's in very early stage talks on cooperating with China to promote the transfer of low-value manufacturing jobs to...

Want to Boost your Business Investment in Nigeria?

Despite the challenges of investing in Nigeria, many companies are planning to enter or upgrade their operations in the country. The reasons that make the country attractive now have been reported on widely: huge population, growing economy and a growing number of young middle class professionals with disposable income.

Calls for Candidate From Developing Country for IMF

South Africa, as a member of the International Monetary Council (IMF), has called for a candidate from a developing country to be given the opportunity to be the Managing Director of the IMF.