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Corruption So Rampant, Orange Co Judge Forced To Remove All 250...

AFRICANGLOBE - Shocking information exposing corruption the justice system in Orange County has been revealed, causing a judge to remove the OC District Attorney’s Office and all 250 prosecutors from one of the most notable cases in modern history.

Officers Caught On Video Beating Homeless Man To Death Acquitted Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - After deliberating less than a full day, the eight female and four male jurors exonerated both defendants despite repeated viewings of the graphic video, which shows multiple punches, kicks, chest compressions and tasings over a nine-minute period. Paramedics resuscitated the homeless man and rushed him to the hospital, where he arrived comatose

Saudi Royal Princess Charged With Enslaving Kenyan Woman

AFRICANGLOBE - In addition to the Kenyan woman, police said officers found four other workers being held under similar circumstances at Alayban's home. Detectives continue to investigate, but no charges have yet been filed in those cases.