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French Soldiers Given Suspended Sentences for Murdering Ivorian Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Three French soldiers who smothered a man to death with a plastic bag during a peacekeeping mission in Côte d'Ivoire were given...

Haiti to Overhaul Adoption Laws to Protect its Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Haiti will begin reforms on its adoption laws in order to curb human trafficking and child abuse issues that plague the country....

Residents From 15 States File Petitions to Secede From the United...

As of Saturday November 10, 2012, 15 States have petitioned the Obama Administration to secede from the United States of America in order to create...

South Africa: Massive Dismissals of Miners Continue

The end in the strife in the mining industry in South Africa is not over, as employers are now putting their foot down after...

South Sudan Announces Plan to Build Highway Linking to Kenya

South Sudan's minister of Roads and Bridges, Gier Chuang Aluong, has announced the government's plan to connect South Sudan and the neighbouring Kenya with...

A Must Read Article: President Mugabe Speaks On Mau Mau Victory

Africa rejoices in the victory of the Mau Mau victims of British colonial brutalities after a London Court gave them the green light to...

George Zimmerman’s Petition Force Judge to Step Down

A Florida appeals court granted George Zimmerman's request for a new judge Wednesday, saying the original judge's remarks put Zimmerman in reasonable fear of...

Signs of the Times in Haiti: The Military, Money and Meaning...

There are periods in a country’s history when the signs and warnings that that history will soon enter into a dramatically different phase are...

George Zimmerman’s Defense Team Files Appeal to Remove Judge From Case

Lawyers for George Zimmerman, the Florida vigilante charged with murder in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin, said Monday that they are appealing a...

Western Nations Fuel Corruption in Nigeria

Human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria Mr. Femi Falana has lashed out at governments of the United States of America and other...

George Zimmerman’s Judge Rejects Motion to Step Down

George Zimmerman's judge will not step down because the motion seeking to disqualify him is "legally insufficient," the judge wrote in his order. Judge Kenneth...

Why Fight And Die For White Supremacy?

AFRICANGLOBE - “I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenue in. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers…. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras ‘right’ for American fruit companies in 1903. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints.” – Marine Gen. Smedly D. Butler

Ethiopian Airlines Orders Five Q400 NextGen Airliners

Bombardier Aerospace confirmed today that Ethiopian Airlines is the customer that placed the firm order for five Q400 NextGen airliners announced on February 13,...

‘Baby Doc’ Ruling a Frightening Development for Haiti

Before President Michel Martelly took office in May 2011, Haiti's top prosecutor had recommended that former strongman Jean-Claude Duvalier face trial for the abuses...

Secret: What The Former US Ambassador To Kenya Told His Successor

Kenya is one of the few countries in Africa that gladly, in fact with embarrassing ease, allow america's military and intelligence officers unlimited access to all its facilities.

Afro-optimism 'must become action'

African countries should now focus on converting optimism in the continent's future into action, business and government leaders said during the closing session of...