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‘Let’s Kick Islam & Christianity Out Of Africa’ – Interview With...

AFRICANGLOBE - I am interested in “secularizing” Africa because I believe this would benefit the continent intellectually, socially, and economically. To help advance this goal I support Kasese Humanist Primary School, and I co-launched the BiZoHa orphanage.

Africa Loses $60 Billion A Year Illegally

AFRICANGLOBE - Companies and government officials are illegally moving as much as $60 billion out of Africa each year, according to a report released Sunday, depriving the world’s poorest continent of capital and tax revenue that could spur faster economic growth.

Ancient Stones Hint At How Humans Migrated Out Of Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Ancient stone artifacts recently excavated from Saudi Arabia possess similarities to items of about the same age in Africa -- a discovery that could provide clues to how humans dispersed out of Africa, researchers say.

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince To Advise Chinese Firms In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Former Navy SEAL and Blackwater founder Erik Prince has a new security venture. This time he is helping Chinese firms to “take the drama out of Africa”. Africa has become a major target for Chinese investment to secure access to the continent’s vast natural resources.

Out Of Africa: The Great Money Migration

AFRICANGLOBE - The figures are staggering: At least $1.8 trillion illicitly flowed out of Africa between 1970 and 2009. This is far more than the external aid the continent received over the same period, and almost five times its current external debt. According to researchers, the continent also loses at least $100bn a year in this financial haemorrhage.

Out Of Africa: Modern Humans Left The Home Continent In At...

AFRICANGLOBE - It is well established that modern humans originated in Africa, before moving out to inhabit rest of the planet. They first spread into Asia and Europe via the Arabian Peninsula, and those in the Far East eventually reached America and the Pacific islands.

Modern Humans May Have Dispersed Out Of Africa Earlier Than Thought

AFRICANGLOBE - Modern humans may have dispersed in more than one wave of migration out of Africa, and they may have done so earlier than scientists had long thought, researchers now say. Modern humans first arose between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago in Africa. But when and how the modern human lineage then dispersed out of Africa has long been controversial.

How Wealthy Foreigners and Greedy Africans Bleed Africa

The amount of illicit financial flows out of Africa is staggering. According to estimates by Global Financial Integrity (GFI), these flows amounted to between...