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Remember the Golden Years: The Hip-Hop That Was Made For Us

Rappers Delight, The Message, when having a pair off Adidas was big, Salt and Peppa and Mc Lyte proved you could be on top...

Time to Improve Govts’ Role in Africa’s Extractive Industry

The rise in commodities prices over the past decade (referred to by some economists as the 'commodities super-cycle') has led to a renewed debate...

Mining Companies Play By New Rules in Zimbabwe

Saviour Kasukuwer, Zimbabwe's empowerment minister has confirmed the majority of mining companies operating in the country have submitted plans to transfer 51 percent of ownership to Zimbabweans.

Timeshare Taking Root in Kenya Thanks to New Luxery Developments

Though popular in other tourism markets, the concept of timesharing is being introduced in Kenya for the first time on a large scale by a developer called Baobab Development Group.

Indigenisation, a Win-Win Situation: Kasukuwere

  THE National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board has now taken over all negotiations pertaining to compliance with the indigenisation law particularly in the mining...