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African Nations Court Jamaicans

AFRICANGLOBE - Denise Isis Miller has never shied away from being a cultural contrarian. It is in her blood. Raised in a home where the philosophies of Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X were expounded in almost biblical fashion, she was labelled as different. She is a Rastafarian who looks towards Ethiopia for spiritual nourishment. But soon, that changed.

Philosophy And Opinions Of Marcus Garvey

AFRICANGLOBE - The current upsurge of Pan-Africanism sentiment were, to varying extents, ignited from Garvey’s ideological engine. Now that Africa is on the crest of another awakening, with Black pride, resource nationalism and economic growth turning the tide in the erstwhile “backyard of civilisation”, the philosopher’s influence is looming pertinent once again.

The Role of British MI6 In the Assassination of Patrice Lumumba

AFRICANGLOBE - It was not only Britain that sought the overthrow of Patrice Lumumba. Many people believe based upon U.S. foreign policy at the time as well as the subsequent release of formally classified documents, that the White House under Dwight D. Eisenhower engineered the plot against the Congolese patriot.

Under Gaddafi’s Tent – The Presidents Who Were Paid By Gaddafi

AFRICANGLOBE - Muammar Gaddafi had no respect for diplomacy and once asked Ali Abdessalam Triki- who served as Foreign Affairs, African Affairs minister, Ambassador in Paris and Permanent Representative to the United Nations- to deliver a message to King Hassan II, insisting that he tells the king that "he is a reactionary and a collaborator".

Under Gaddafi’s Tent, the Secrets of His Reign – the Book

AFRICANGLOBE - Muammar Gaddafi was a megalomaniac who was consumed by his own self-importance. Although quite a minor player on the international scene, he deemed it fit to ridicule the United Nations Charter to the rostrum of the General Assembly.