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Court Rejects New Texas Voter ID Law

A tough Texas law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls discriminates against low-income Blacks and Hispanics, a federal court ruled Thursday,...

Yoweri Museveni Warns African Leaders On Oil Agreements

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni on Saturday warned his African counterparts to avoid any form of manipulation likely to come from oil companies...

Who is Driving Africa’s Growth?

On May 29, SOAS hosted its inaugural African Development Forum, organised by a group of postgraduate students in the development department. The theme was...

$50 Billion Stolen From Africa Each Year

Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, says an estimated 50 billion dollars is smuggled from Africa illegally every year. Mbeki made the statement in Johannesburg...

South Africa Building The Southern Hemisphere's Largest Radio Telescope

The MeerKAT radio telescope being built by the South African team preparing SA's bid for hosting the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) has passed its first test with flying colours.