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A Jumbotrek in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains

AFRICANGLOBE - My new companion on the mountain ledge emitted a croak and hopped a little closer. A momentary standoff followed as I contemplated...

Kenya: Nairobi Park Diary – Buffalo On the Go

As I rounded a bend, the road was full of buffalo. There were so many, from tiny calves to cows to young bulls to...

Other Values of National Parks

Creation of opportunity to generate revenue through tourism might be the most obvious reason why governments establish national parks. Other reasons are equally important....

Top Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Tourism is one of the top foreign exchange earner in Kenya. This year, the Ministry of Tourism is expecting the sector to make 100...

Uganda: New Trail, Lodge to Boost Tourism in Rwenzori

A new short trail and an upmarket lodge could breathe new life into the tourist activities around Uganda's Rwenzori Mountain National Park. Mahoma Nature Trail,...

Haiti Making Progress With Investor-Friendly Policies

Haiti lawmakers are committed to passing investor-friendly laws to help the earthquake-recovering nation attract more foreign businesses and create jobs, Simon Desras, the president...

Ten Fascinating Tourist Destinations In Africa

This year, it is expected that 50 million people will spend their vacation in Africa. With the continent continuing to see an increase in...

Zimbabwe: National Geographic Comes Alive At Ganda Lodge

Within the beautiful teak woodlands at the border of Sikumi Forest and Hwange National Park, lies Ganda Lodge, where visitors are first welcomed by...

Zimbabwe: Chizarira – Not for the Faint-Hearted

Set deep in the heart of Zimbabwe's western interior is a lasting vestige of natural habitat whose intricate network of chattering rivers cascade from...

In Haiti, Industrial Park Fuels Hope and Anxiety

Braving the heat, Fanilia Prospere took a break from pushing her wheelbarrow of imported used clothing to look around. Then she smiled. In Haiti, where...

Zimbabwe: Animal Paradise On Your Doorstep

When many people are planning on going for a holiday they think far and wide, yet there could be a place close to their...

Ethiopia Shoe Factory Widens Footprint of China in Africa

The Huajian factory in EthiopiaA steady drone of machines hum as workers assemble shoes in a Chinese-built industrial park outside Addis Ababa, the first...

Wildlife Adds Tourist Attractions to Saanane Island in Lake Victoria

Saanane Island is an amazing attraction sight. For those interested in an adventure in the Island, boat excursions can be arranged on request at...

Tanzania A Beautiful Destination

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzania, the home to Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, was listed seventh in the 'New York Times' as one of the 45 places to go in 2012. The only two other African countries on the list are Morocco, listed as number 26 and Uganda that came 33rd.

South Korean Firm Moves to Build Garment Factory in Haiti

The biggest international project aimed at helping Haiti rebound from the 2010 earthquake eased closer to reality at a ceremony Monday. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Haitian President Michel Martelly broke ground for an ambitious $224 million industrial park in northern Haiti that they hope will generate tens of thousands of jobs, house 5,000 of the workers and educate 500 of their children in a new school.

Nairobi Park Diary – Puff Adder in the Road

It was getting late. I was happy with the sighting of three lions on a zebra kill that we had just driven away from. I drove along looking straight ahead as it was already dark and I needed to get out of the park in good time.