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Pastor Condemned For Spraying Church Members With Insecticide In Fake Miracle

AFRICANGLOBE - A South Africa pastor who sprays his congregation with insecticide has been widely condemned. But the pastor has defended his actions, saying that he is using unconventional methods to heal people.

Pastor Tricks Woman Into Selling House In Exchange For Prayers

AFRICANGLOBE - The 50-year-old single mother of four has opened up a case of theft against Agustinus Shinima, a false prophet who tricked her into selling her house and donating the proceeds to him. While relating her story, the victim claimed that Shinima told her that her house was possessed by demons and that something bad would happen to her if she did not sell the property off immediately.

Creflo Dollar’s Insane Jet Request

AFRICANGLOBE - Creflo Dollar’s personal motivation to stay away from poverty and the corrupt unbalanced moneychanger mentors he has followed/emulated have now made his trip to the dark side all but complete. I remember when he was handing out flyers at West Georgia College. I also remember when he lived in the apartments off Campbelton Road with his wife and how much he hated poverty.

Pastor Rapes Woman in Church During ‘Spiritual Bath’

AFRICANGLOBE - A 46-year-old Pastor of Glory Church of Christ Aladura has been ordered to be remanded in prison for allegedly raping a woman while bathing in his church backyard.

Pastor Eddie Long Settles Out of Court For Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Long groomed them for sexual relationships when they were enrolled in the church’s LongFellows Youth Academy, a program that purportedly sought to guide teens through their “masculine journey” with lessons on financial discipline and sexual control.