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Whites Retaliate?: Monument To Saartjie Baartman Vandalised

AFRICANGLOBE - South African police say they are still searching for those responsible for defacing a memorial of Sarah Baartman in Hankey. It’s the latest incident following a campaign that saw a statue of Cecil John Rhodes removed from the University of Cape Town campus.

White Supremacists Rally To Protect Colonial Statues In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Amid an ongoing row about historic symbols of colonialism and white domination, questions about Afrikaner identity in post-apartheid South Africa have come to the fore. South African singer Sunette Bridges yesterday chained herself to the statue of former Boer leader Paul Kruger, known as the father of the Afrikaner nation, in Tshwane to protest against calls for its removal.

How Africa’s Riches Have Brought It Mainly Misery

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1882 a British mariner watched a huge caravan of slaves toting ivory pass on its way to Zanzibar. Speaking with the headmen in charge, he asked what happened to mothers who became too weak to carry both their children on their backs and the tusks of ivory on their heads. “We spear the child and make her burden lighter,” was the reply. “Ivory first, child afterwards!”