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Congratulations Zimbabwe On A Peaceful Election

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe continues to confound the prophets of doom and detractors who expected our country to be a theatre of violence during this election period. We continue to show much of Africa and even the developed world how elections should be conducted and what a people united by a common cause can achieve even in the face of adversity.

Kenya’S Election a Make or Break Moment For the Nation

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya is headed for a make or break general election in less than two months and the economy is showing all characteristics of taking another blow. Charged political activity in the country has taken toll on the economy as most uncompleted projects may need to wait until after the March fourth elections as donors withhold funding as anxiety over the nature of the general election takes shape.

Why Kenya Owes Africa Peaceful Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - Although democratic elections in Africa have been problematic due to three obvious obstacles — lack of civic education, poor electoral laws and...