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More U.N. Soldiers Accused Of Raping Children In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - United Nations peacekeepers have been accused of sexually abusing street children in the Central African Republic capital of Bangui and an investigation has been launched by the country that contributed the troops, a UN spokesman said on Tuesday.

Dear Media, When Peacekeepers Rape African Kids, Don’t Call It A...

AFRICANGLOBE - I have two modest proposals: 1) peacekeeping troops should not rape children, and 2) if peacekeepers do rape children, the media should go ahead and call that a "child rape scandal," not a "sex-for-food scandal."

China Offers Peacekeepers for Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - China has offered to contribute peacekeepers to the new United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali, where Arab terrorists controlled the country's north until Malian, African and French troops launched an offensive in January to oust them, a UN official said on Thursday.

U.N. Peacekeepers to Face Trial for Raping Haitian Boy

Four Uruguayan soldiers were ordered detained Monday on charges stemming from the rape of a Haitian boy while they were serving in a UN...