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Africa’s Hottest Mobile App Heads For Smartphones

African mobile social network, 2go is extending its successful feature phone app to smartphones, while growing its team of software developers and support staff. The...

Africa Becomes World’s Second Largest Mobile Phone Market

AFRICANGLOBE - After moving from an accounted sales of 90 million mobile phones in 2005 to an estimated 450 million in 2012, Africa has...

Gambian Students Develop Remote Electric Control Technology

Two Gambian students in Accra polytechnic in Ghana are said to have made a breakthrough in new technology system that enables one to use...

Chinese Companies Get Ethiopian Telecoms Contract

Ethiopia plans to give a $ 1.3 billion contract to upgrade its telecommunications infrastructure to two Chinese giants ZTE and Huawei Technologies after they...

Is Africa’s Digital Revolution Under Threat?

Back in the 1990s, before everyone had two mobile phones and Skype was still a distant dream, if you were an African living elsewhere,...

Africa Leads 4G Revolution

A new technology, 4G, is being introduced in Africa, even before it reaches Europe. 4G allows subscribers to surf the net with their cell phone...

Africa’s Pioneer Telecoms Mogul: Mo Ibrahim

Several years ago, Mo Ibrahim, the unassuming Sudanese-born engineer and Telecoms tycoon introduced Africans to the world of mobile communications. He is now investing...

George Zimmerman Mocked Trayvon Martin in Jail Calls

During a recent jailhouse phone call, self-appointed neighborhood watch captain and accused murderer George Zimmerman was reported to have mocked Trayvon Martin the Florida...

First Ethiopian Assembled Smart Phone Go on Sale in July

Tecno Mobile Ethiopia, a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based company, has said it will release the first domestically assembled Smartphone come July 2012. The new...

Ugandan Students Develop Software to Monitor Unborn Babies

Three students at Makerere University in Uganda have designed mobile phone software that can monitor foetal movements and heartbeats. The innovation won Josiah Kavuma, Aaron...

Prosecutor to Make Announcement Soon in Treyvon Martin Case

As the special prosecutor plans to release new information within days about the controversial case involving 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was shot to death...

Gaddafi Forces Enter Northern Nigeria

Some members of the ousted regime of Libya's Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have crossed over to some parts of Northern Nigeria, according to reports by Hamada Radio International.

U.S. Firm Launches New Mobile Phone Handset in Kenya

A U.S. mobile phone handset brand has been launched in Kenya, showing the high growth potential of the market.

7 Black Men in 7 Months: Miami Cops Kills Another on...

The separate but nearby Miami police department has a long history of police brutality and killings. It just underwent an assessment prompted by the City Manager after police shot and killed seven black men in as many months, two of whom were unarmed. Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito recently appeared in a reality-show pilot in which officers refer to themselves as “hunters” and “predators.” Benoit’s video certainly makes those characterizations seem apt for the Miami Beach police as well.