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Brazil: Ad For World Breastfeeding Week Harks Back To Slavery Era

AFRICANGLOBE - “something as simple as changing the skin color of the people presented in a given photo can present an entirely different meaning.” An ad for World Breastfeeding Week in Brazil provides an excellent example of this. A photo featuring a white woman breastfeeding a white baby wouldn’t necessarily garner any attention. Nor would a photo of a Black woman breastfeeding a Black child. But a photo featuring a Black woman breastfeeding a white child is proving controversial.

Chicago Cops Pose Over Black Man Wearing Antlers In ‘Disgusting’ Photo

AFRICANGLOBE - The Chicago Police Department is under fire from severe criticism after a photo was released that may have never been meant for public eyes. The photo shows two white police officers, holding rifles, standing over a Black man laying on his stomach, but with deer antlers attached to his head as if he is a dead deer.