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South Sudan-kenya Pipeline Set to Transform Structure of Oil Industry in...

When South Sudan became independent in July last year, there was no apparent urgency for Juba to immediately embark on development of an alternative oil export pipeline to the Eastern African coast. It was expected at that time that mutual economic interests between it and Khartoum would drive the two countries to cooperate and continue production of oil and transit it through Port Sudan for exports.

South Sudan and Kenya Sign Oil Pipeline Pact

Kenya and South Sudan have signed an agreement that will allow for the building of an oil pipeline connecting the two countries. The agreement signed in Juba on Wednesday and witnessed by Prime Minister Raila Odinga and South Sudan President Salva Kiir, will allow for a pipeline and fibre optic connections between the oil fields in South Sudan and the Kenyan port town of Lamu.The pipeline will be developed through Kenyan territory and will be built and owned by South Sudan.

South Sudan Warns Oil Companies Over Illegal Deals With the North

South Sudan warned all foreign oil companies, the oil consortia and pipeline operators in the country not to cooperate with Sudan on crude oil-related matters, unless authorized. The directive was contained in a press release issued by the South Sudan's petroleum and mining ministry following reports of north Sudan's apparent intention to confiscate 23% of the south's entitlement oil allegedly as payment in kind for pipeline and transit fees.

China to Finance Tanzania Pipeline

China and Tanzania are to sign a $1.06 billion loan agreement to build a natural gas pipeline from the southern part of the east African country to its commercial capital, a Tanzanian newspaper wrote.

Kenya and Tanzania to Build U.S.$630 Million Pipeline

The project which is said to be in the pipeline when the East African Energy Ministers meet this October will save more than 126 million East Africans upon its completion by supplying electricity and powering industries in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

Kenya-Uganda Oil Pipeline Project at Stake

Political instability in Libya is beginning to take a heavy toll on the progress of the Kenya Uganda oil pipeline — one of the...

Ugandan Government Needs Sh31 Billions for Oil Pipeline

THE Government is seeking sh31.3b to compensate persons in the gazetted Kenya-Uganda oil pipeline corridor. The energy and mineral development state minister, Peter Lokeris, said...