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Stunning Turn in Fiscal Cliff Talks

AFRICANGLOBE - In a stinging setback for Republican House Speaker John Boehner, a lack of support from inside his own party for his “fiscal cliff” fall-back plan forced him late Thursday to cancel a much-trumpeted vote on the measure.

Dumb Move: Army Force Mali’s Prime Minister to Resign

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali's prime minister was forced to resign on Tuesday by the soldiers who staged a coup in March, complicating international efforts to...

Countdown to Military Intervention in Mali Begins

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali is looking forward to assistance from the international community to stabilise the country and hold elections. Malian Prime Minister Cheick Modibo Diarra...

Regional Confrontation Looms in Mali

Support in the UN and Europe is growing for a west African military force to push out the entrenched Arab terrorists and drug dealing...

Why Obama Must Go on the Attack Tomorrow

On Tuesday, October 16, already jittery Obama supporters will be tethered to their television watching with anxiousness every move that Obama makes to counter...

UN Approve Preliminary Resolution for Military Intervention in Mali

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution to give West African countries and the African regional bodies 45 days to offer a...

Ethiopia Turns to Wind Power to Boost Energy Security

Ethiopia is venturing into large-scale wind power generation for the first time as it embarks on an ambitious plan to increase its electrical capacity...

US Elections: 5 Reasons Why Mitt Romney is Bad for the...

On the final night of the Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama cautioned the America public about the foreign policy plan Republican candidates Mitt...

Detroit to Cut 81 Percent of Water and Sewage Jobs

Workers at the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department woke up Thursday morning to see a glaring headline in Detroit's newspapers about their fate. Department management,...

Economic Blocs to Focus On Intra-Africa Trade

Preparations for the second Africa Trade Forum (ATF II) are underway. It is meant to review key challenges to implementing the agreed action plan...

In Haiti, Industrial Park Fuels Hope and Anxiety

Braving the heat, Fanilia Prospere took a break from pushing her wheelbarrow of imported used clothing to look around. Then she smiled. In Haiti, where...

ANC Treasurer Mathews Phosa Calls for Economic Freedom

ANC treasurer general Mathews Phosa called for "economic freedom" at the launch of the party's coffee-table book "Unity in Diversity" in Durban on Friday. "We...

Slavery Museum Fights to Stay Afloat

An attorney for the U.S. National Slavery Museum is headed back to bankruptcy court to outline a reorganization plan for the debt-ridden dream of...

Nuclear Plants to Play Major Role in South Africa’s Energy Future

South Africa's plan to build nuclear plants is not a quick fix solution to the country's energy crisis but rather a step closer to...

Ethiopia Building 10 New Sugar Plants to Become Leading Exporter

Sugar Corp., Ethiopia’s state-owned producer, said it started building 10 new factories and is inviting private investment as part of a plan to become one of the world’s 10 biggest exporters of the crop.

NAACP Vows to Fight NC’s Redrawn Political Maps

North Carolina's NAACP chapter says it will fight the General Assembly's plan to redraw legislative and congressional boundaries in court and within the Obama administration.